Using Keepsakes for Christmas Decorations

ladder3 Today my friend Laurie Johnson is my guest and shares with us how she is preserving and using unusual keepsakes for Christmas that belonged to a dear grandfather.  This idea is so clever and gorgeous you will want to try it too!. Laurie’s story: For almost a year I have been searching for an old […] More→

Easy Knitted Headwrap Pattern

Easy knitted Headwrap pattern When this Easy Knitted Headwrap was featured in a picture on the post about the Magic Poinsettia a couple of weeks ago, I received  a surprising number of requests for  the pattern. I tried to jot down a brief explanation to someone who wrote in, but it was tough because just like all my  granny squares, I’d […] More→

Peppermint Whoopie Cupcakes

single_pprmnt_cuppie   Yum The secret to Peppermint Whoopie Cupcakes is to be light on the peppermint and heavy on Whoopie. This simple recipe uses the Goody Mix from the Baking Outside the Box Mix Method and the Speedy Dozen Cupcakes recipe.   After cooling these delights are topped with my favorite Marshmallow Frosting recipe in either […] More→

Harvest Maple Chops Recipe

Harvest_chops_plated_sq The Harvest Maple Chops recipe came about as an inspiration from my son, Jarod, who said he’d love a dinner that tasted of autumn. After some discussion about what ‘autumn tastes like’ we gathered together the agreed upon ingredients and gave it a try. The delicious result has become a fall tradition in our home. […] More→
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