Self-watering Mason Jar Planter DIY

funnel_tucked TweetIt was so fun to make this self-watering mason jar planter.  It allows me to plant it and forget  it. A self-watering planter  solves my problem of being able to leave on  trips or simply forgetting a plant, and having the comforting thought that it will probably survive.  As you might guess, I don’t usually keep […] More→

Disappearing Bars

single_dbar TweetDisappearing Bars  are my go to recipe when I need a ‘make and take’ dessert. They make up quickly.  I usually have all the ingredients in the pantry and I always come home with an empty plate. I love the texture of these chocolaty bars.They have a fudgey center and a shortbread-like crust and topping.  They hold […] More→

Seamstress, Sewer Sewist. Which one are you?

circle TweetSewist?  What kind of a Frankenstein word is that?  Words are my livelihood.  So why was I surprised by this one? Once I was aware of sewist, the word seemed to be everywhere.  It’s a popular term in sewing magazines and with bloggers. I’ve been sewing for almost fifty years (yes, that’s 5-0!)  and I’ve […] More→

Making T-shirt Yarn

tyarn-balls TweetI’ve been playing with t-shirt yarn.  I needed to take a craft to the family reunion and  I thought about making bracelets. I wanted to make them of something soft and durable.  When I read about t-shirt yarn  I was sold on the idea immediately.  It had such alluring qualities; washable, soft and…free! (I have […] More→

Pencil Holder DIY Easy & Thrifty

pencilholder 2 TweetBack to School for a new year is coming up and this pencil holder DIY is a quick and simple way to make a gift for a new teacher or help organize the kid’s homework station.  I love projects made out of old jeans. I enjoy taking something and repurposing it into a new life. The […] More→

Sanpete Marinade for Chicken & Grilled Zucchini Recipes

sanpetegrill1 TweetThe Sanpete Marinade is a family favorite.  Years ago my friend Jeri, gave me this delicious recipe. I admit that when I first heard the ingredients I laughed.  It sounded like witches brew.  And when you stir it up it looks a little that way too. Don’t be fooled though.  This stuff is good.  It […] More→

Low Carb Coconut Chicken Tenders Recipe

coconut_chic_plated Tweet The Coconut Chicken Tenders recipe is a simple low carb down-home dish that is great for company and also wonderful comfort food. I love coconut, especially toasted.  I used to think of it as merely a vehicle for ‘sweet’ but now I know that it can also be a star in a mouth-watering savory dish […] More→

Bloom On

bloom on Tweet Recently during a  thunderstorm with high winds,  my son came in the house and told me about  a rose bush in our yard.  He said, ‘You should go see it.  All the roses are gone except this one really amazing bloom.  You should go take a picture.” When I got outside, it was still raining […] More→
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