Low Carb Hot Chocolate Mix

 I decided to try making my own Low Carb Hot Chocolate Mix this morning. When I reached into the cupboard I discovered that I was out of those cute little sugar-free packets of hot chocolate.  I was astounded by how easy it was.  Just 3 ingredients: cocoa, sweetener, and powdered cream. Powdered Cream?  Yes! This […] More→

Saucy Pork Chops with Mushrooms ~ Low Carb

Saucy Pork Chops with Mushrooms is an easy 1 pan go-to recipe that is a family favorite. Perfect for busy week nights or a company dinner. Fab mushroom gravy too! 4.9 net carbs a serving The Saucy Pork Chops recipe is a long time favorite at our house.  I learned to make it as a newlywed and for years it’s been my go-to recipe for pork chops. I recently figured out that it’s low carb too. 😉 The reason It’s my default pork chop recipe is that it has only […] More→

Extreme Low Carb 7 minute Frosting

Extreme Low-Carb 7 Minute Frosting is smooth and marshmallow-like. This low calorie frosting has 3 calories a serving and no carbohydrates. Perfect for low-carb diets.  When I say Extreme Low Carb 7 Minute Frosting, I mean ZERO carbs. It’s light, it’s frothy and it is so yum.  Crazy right? I came across an old recipe that I’d gotten from my mom for seven minute frosting. I remembered its’ light, velvety, meringue, marshmallowy texture and I began to wonder about the […] More→

Low Carb Mug Pancake

Mix and microwave this yummy Low Carb Mug Pancake in 2 minutes for a super fast and easy breakfast. 1.6 net carbs. I made a Low Carb Mug Pancake for breakfast this morning.  I just can’t wait to share the recipe with you. I was set for a busy morning and a long to-do list as I walked into the kitchen wanting pancakes.  My husband had left for work early and I really didn’t feel like dragging […] More→

DIY Friendship Bracelet Board Loom

Get the easy to make DIY Friendship Bracelet Board Loom instructions. This board is gentle on thread strands and helps you keep track of the pattern. Bracelet making becomes a pleasure. For adults and children. I made this Friendship Bracelet Board Loom to make it easier to follow friendship bracelet patterns. Confession: This California girl who was a child in the sixties can’t do the ‘hippie thing’ and just safety pin the threads to my jeans and keep track of where all those threads and knots are supposed to be […] More→

Make This Easy Low Carb Puff Pancake

My darling husband likes this Low Carb Puff Pancake better than any other low carb pancake recipe. It quickly makes four fluffy pancakes in about 30 minutes. There are few recipes easier than this one.  In fact if you dislike all the pancake flipping and trying to get pancakes the all same size, then this is […] More→

Oopsie Rolls Recipe Success – Tips and Hints

I thought about titling this article, ‘ How Do Your Oopsie Rolls ‘.  But it was too silly.  You and I both know  that finding a bread replacement is serious business to anyone who’s trying to live without grain in their life.  The search for a truly satisfying covering for a low carb sandwich can become an […] More→

Low Carb Quick Quiche

This Low Carb Quick Quiche is an savory & satisfying recipe to use eggs for lunch or dinner. It's a low carb bargain at just 3.7 gms of carbohydrates a slice. This Low Carb Quick Quiche recipe is a favorite meal at our house.  I’ve been making Quick Quiche  for years.  But it wasn’t until recently I realized that I could make it low carb. I adapted it from an old baking mix recipe i found on the side of a box. It was so easy to adapt this […] More→