The Goody Mix Recipe Comes Home **The Goody Mix Recipe is home!  This is my Sesquicentennial post and I’m celebrating.  As of today I’m making it easy to get this unique recipe for all my subscribers. Speedy Dozen Cupcakes What is the Goody Mix? It is the foundation Mix of the Baking Outside the Box mix method.  I’ve often described it as  fun, frugal, fast […] More→

Elephants on Parade Pattern Update

elephants_wide   I found something that truly pleases me to share with you today.  It is the written pattern instructions for the crocheted Elephants on Parade Baby Blanket Edging. Recently I was perusing some of my ancient documents on the computer. (OK,  I started with the intent to clean stuff out and ended up reading and enjoying it. […] More→

Simply Stylish and Easy Appetizers

2 recipes for easy and sophisticated appetizers I love appetizers.  Have you ever ordered up several plates of appetizers in a restaurant to share with your girlfriends instead of a big ole’ meal?  Fun isn’t it?  In the spirit of keeping the fun going in the kitchen as well as the rest of the party when I’m serving appetizers at home, I […] More→

Summer Porridge or Refrigerator Oatmeal

Summer Porridge is a delightful and thrifty breakfast. I stumbled across dozens of pictures of beautiful and fruity Summer Porridge  jars while looking for a recipe for overnight oatmeal online. My interest in cooked oatmeal suddenly vanished and I absolutely had to try this Euro breakfast classic. It called for the most delightful things — Old fashioned Oats, milk, Greek yogurt, and fruit […] More→
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