Super Easy Hack to Remove Labels

remove_label4 As you know I’ve been on a quest to remove labels from jars and other containers this week.  I’ve been very pleased with the results from the Great Goo Be Gone experiment.  It works well and has made my life a bit thriftier and easier already. But I found this crazy little hack in a […] More→

Great Goo Be Gone DIY

knife_shine I’m sharing this  Goo Be Gone DIY with you today because of my New Year’s  Resolutions to be thrifty and use fewer kitchen chemicals and well, because it works! I’m quite demanding when making homemade products.  I can’t stand waste or mediocre performance. I’ve been trying to get labels off of various containers, both plastic and […] More→

Pecan Crusted Baked Salmon

pecan_salmon1 Salmon should always be cooked simply.  At least, that’s what I believe. Baked salmon is just that –simple.  And using a baking method with this fish, when done correctly, is the best way to guarantee a flavorful and moist salmon filet. Today I’m sharing my recipe for the Pecan Crusted baked Salmon.  It is my absolute […] More→

14 Valentines on a Stick –Round-up

14 Valentines on a stick-- a sweet Round-up Today I’ve brought you a collection of Valentines on a Stick.  Here are a baker’s dozen +1 of cute ideas to make, share and inspire you to create something special (and tasty) this Valentines season.  Enjoy! — Laura   1. These  Valentine Spinners printables are hiding a sweet lollipop at the center and are  from our own Baking […] More→

Elephant Crochet Edging — Getting Creative

elephantheadband  Here is a quick show and tell from one of our readers:  It’s an adorable picture sent in by Natasha Jones, who used the Elephant Crochet Edging to make this cute ‘Tiara-Style’ headband.    She made just four of the elephant motifs at the top.  Without using a  foundation row, she and  others thought the elephants looked more […] More→

Low Carb Blender Sherbet

spoonosherbet Yum This low carb  blender sherbet is sure to make any weary January dieter smile. Many years ago, my darling hairdresser, Chris, told me about this cold treat.  It’s been in my diet arsenal ever since. It’s cold, sweet and creamy.  It is a perfect get-you-through-the-afternoon snack.  It is quite filling.  In fact it is so filling […] More→
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