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Hi I'm Laura Hickman. Writer, sewist, artist, baker, fairytalemaker.  When I'm not writing a delicious fantasy with my NYT bestselling co-author and husband, Tracy Hickman, I'm up to my elbows creating with yarn, cloth, or paint.   Join me here as I share my household tips, fun recipes and creations.  Including my invention; the Baking Outside the Box Dessert Mix Method.

Update March 2015:

Well it's been 4 years since I first started this blog and everything changes over time.  I still adore dessert and the BOTB mix method recipes as well as my crafty projects which are still available and of course I will occasionally post more about them.

I have a new focus: 

I'm on a health quest! 🙂

I'll be posting and sharing healthy recipes (mostly low carb) that I'm making along the way. I believe getting healthy should never feel like a punishment. It should taste and feel good and have real results. I want to feel better, move more and enjoy the journey.
That's my goal. I hope you'll join me as I take this path to better health. --Laura

Here you can see my weight loss progress, though it is only a small part of becoming healthy:


P.S.  If you would like to know more about my books and writing career; click here.

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One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Laura!

    I found your blog via Pinterest, and I wanted to reach out and let you know that I’m sharing your recipe link for your low carb salted caramel almond brittle in a post on my own blog scheduled for this coming Thursday, December 10th.

    I blog about the pursuit of passion, and I wholly believe a healthy lifestyle is necessary to live our most passionate life.

    You can view the post here on Thursday: http://catskinner.club/sugar-free-holiday-treats

    Thanks again for the awesome work you’re doing! My family wouldn’t have survived the switch to Keto living without awesome recipes like yours.

    Warm Regards and Happy Holidays!

    Cat Skinner

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