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Print The Baking Outside the Box Mix Method is fun, fast and thrifty.

  Here it is in a nutshell:

1. Start with the basic Goody Mix.  With the Goody mix you can make cakes, bars and some cookies.  Lots and lots of different treats and  it costs much less than at the store or bakery.

2.  Make some or all of  the 7 Mix-ups.  The Mix-ups are 'satellites' of the Goody mix.  Using a bit of the Goody mix and adding other ingredients you can make a Mix-up.  Your ingredients are always fresh and you don't commit more of your pantry resources than necessary. Very thrifty.

3. Hey, these are mixes.  Treat them like a mix.  Which means you mostly  dump all the ingredients in a bowl and stir 'em up.  Very fast.

4.  Use our "Totally Cool Secret".  You can adapt 'from scratch' recipes to a fast mix-type recipe and suddenly there is an unlimited universe of baked desserts you can make easily.  It's creative.  Very fun.

So, if you want to have fun, save $$$$ and save time while baking up delicious treats, then please join us by signing up on the right side of the screen or click on 'Join Us' above.  It's free and we keep your emails private.  If you are already a member, please explore Baking Outside the Box and then share your great creations, we love hearing from you.

7 thoughts on “How BOTB Works

  1. I love the idea that I can use your homemade mixes and the ‘secret’ to make whatever recipe I want and in whatever quantity I want.
    I am wondering if you have any idea how the recipes and variations would work gluten free. I am helping several friends who are gluten intolerant and would like to offer them this method for many or all of their baking needs.

  2. Hello there! I’m particularly interested in your assorted baking mixes. For the last 57+ years I have been a ‘scratch” cook, but am ready to take life in my (RV) kitchen easier, to leave me time for catching up on reading, sewing, knitting, sewing, woodworking, etc. I’m ready to give up our big house and settle into something much smaller and easier to care for.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents/gifts with others. I anticipate receiving much joy in sharing ideas and creativity with others on this site.

    • Welcome! Thank you for the kind note. Best wishes for your new and creative life. And of course I love it when you send pictures of the things you’ve made. 🙂

  3. I came over to your site after visiting your daughter’s “Love of Fleece” sewing blog. I have to say I think I’ve struck gold. That is sewing and baking gold. After seeing Angel post on “1 hour bread” I had to investigate. I was immediately sold. I tried your recipe the very next day and my family loved it. (One loaf of bread was eaten up in under 10 minutes). I also love your complete mix for a plethora of desert recipe ideas. Not only is it economical but can be made healthy by adding better ingredients than what you would find in the box mixes in the store. Thank you for the countless hours you put into developing the mix and recipes. I will definitely be peeking in from time to time to see ” what ya got cooking”. Just a mother of 8 far up North.

    • Thank you so very much for the kind words. I’ve loved developing the Baking Outside the Box mix method and thouroughly enjoying sharing them.

  4. I’m thrilled to be here! I love to bake and the recipes I’ve seen so far all look so tempting. I going to try the bread first. Then I have to look around and find the recipe for the goody mix….and do I need a different recipe for the sugar cookies? I’ll poke around tonight and try to find my way around. Before I even begin, I think I owe you a big thank you for sharing. I’m certainly along for the baking fun! Lenny Mangold.

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