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Get the easy to make DIY Friendship Bracelet Board Loom instructions. This board is gentle on thread strands and helps you keep track of the pattern. Bracelet making becomes a pleasure. For adults and children.

DIY Friendship Bracelet Board Loom

I made this Friendship Bracelet Board Loom to make it easier to follow friendship bracelet patterns. Confession: This California girl who was a child in the sixties can’t do the ‘hippie thing’ and just safety pin the threads to my jeans and keep track of where all those threads and knots are supposed to be […]

12 Easy Lavender Crafts and DIY

Lavender crafts are among some of the most welcome handmade gifts any time of year.  In this crisp fall weather I have recently picked several bunches of lavender as a small harvest I wrested from some very busy bees. I adore the lavender bushes that surround my house.  I enjoy the blooms from early summer into […]
DIY Baker's Twine is so fun and fast to make. Kids will enjoy it too. You can use it as ribbon, string or yarn. The short video tutorial makes it easy.

DIY Baker’s Twine

A while ago I saw the instructions of how to make baker’s twine by hand.  I tried it and while it was fun, it took FOR…EV…ER.  I really, really wanted some Baker’s Twine, and there just had to be a faster way to produce it.   The above twine was made with cotton strips.  They make a […]
These cute granny square patterns are among the top 100 for 2015.

Granny Square Patterns in Top 100 for 2015

I’m so very pleased to announce that my granny square patterns have been recognized among the top 100 of 2015 on All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns! (I hope you will forgive my bit of bragging, but I just have to shout about it! 🙂 ) I just received a note from Prime Publishing that one or more of […]
Easy DIY tutorial with pictures for thrifty and cute Christmas treat boxes.

DIY Christmas Treat Boxes

  I’ve wanted to try making my own DIY Christmas Treat Boxes for a long time. I’ve seen the pictures of ‘plate boxes’ floating around Pinterest, but I wanted to add a twist.  All of the pictures I saw were made of very thin paper plates and folded with the top of the plate inward. This doesn’t […]
Download this easy to make folded Jack-o-lantern Envelope Printable. The short tutorial video makes it simple and fun. Happy Halloween!

Folded Jack-O-Lantern Envelope Printable

This Jack-o-lantern Envelope started as a pumpkin doodle on a square Post-it note.  Once I decided it was possible, I had to make it.  And now I’m sharing it with you. As you can see, I designed it so when folded it you could address to someone or write a greeting on it as you […]
#BakingOutsidetheBox | Stir up a little clean fun for the kids with this Bath Time Play Dough Recipe. Easy and takes just a few minutes to make.

Bath Time Play Dough Recipe

I recently received a reader’s request for my Bath Time Play Dough recipe.  I mentioned in the article about the Easy DIY Bathbars that I used to make ‘Bath Taffy’  for my kids.  The kids have all flown the nest and I’ve updated the name and the recipe for you. In creating this formula, I gathered together […]
#bakingoutsidethebox | Get the tips and sewing instructions for this Bandanna Dress . It is a fun pattern adaptation for sizes 3-7. Twirl!!

Bandanna Dress Pattern Transformation

I had a wonderful, glorious and insane idea:  sundresses made with bandannas. The phrase ‘Bandanna Dress’  sounds so retro and fun.  When they were finished the little girls adored them so much they didn’t want to ever take them off. I learned how to flat pattern draft when I was teen-ager and have made many designs […]
#bakingoutsidethebox | The diy bubble bath bar recipe is an easy version without special ingredients. Leaves skin feeling smooth. Great for gifts or a little indulgence.

Easy DIY Bubble Bath Bar Recipe

Making up this DIY Bubble Bath Bar Recipe is a fun and easy project at home or for a group. We recently had a ‘Natural Beauty’ activity evening for the Young Women’s group (teenagers)  in my congregation at church. I was asked to make something so I started looking online for ideas and found a DIY Bubble […]
Whip up some Easter fun making these yummy coconut Bird's Nest Cookies and then cuddle-up with the Last Minute Bunny. Get the recipe and the pattern.

Bird’s Nest Cookies and Last Minute Bunny Pattern ~ Easter Fun

The time for Easter fun is just around the corner. I’m sharing a favorite recipe originally posted in 2013 of  my coconut Bird’s Nest Cookies as well as the so easy and cute pattern for the Last Minute Bunny. The Bird’s Nest Cookies stir up quickly using the Perfect Sugar Cookie Mix-up, from the Baking Outside the Box Mix method. Get the […]
A quick and easy knitting pattern for a cardigan sweater for 18 inch dolls.

Sweetheart Cardigan Sweater for 18 Inch Dolls – Pattern

  Here’s how I got totally snookered into designing and making a sweater for 18 inch dolls: “Nanny will you knit my dolly a sweater?”  These were simply irresistible words.  My heartstrings had been tugged.  I said ‘yes’ with a smile, so easily.  Then I took a deep breath and  wondered what I’d committed myself to.  I reasoned […]

Easy DIY: Toilet Bowl Freshener

I saw a commercial online with a lady spouting the praises of toilet bowl freshener in a proper English accent.  It was funny and strange and got my attention.  The product is called ‘Poo Pourri’.   I clicked through and saw that the price was about ten bucks for 2 ounces.  Youchy!  Nope, couldn’t go there. So of course, […]

Using Keepsakes for Christmas Decorations

Today my friend Laurie Johnson is my guest and shares with us how she is preserving and using unusual keepsakes for Christmas that belonged to a dear grandfather.  This idea is so clever and gorgeous you will want to try it too!. Laurie’s story: For almost a year I have been searching for an old […]
Easy knitted Headwrap pattern

Easy Knitted Headwrap Pattern

When this Easy Knitted Headwrap was featured in a picture on the post about the Magic Poinsettia a couple of weeks ago, I received  a surprising number of requests for  the pattern. I tried to jot down a brief explanation to someone who wrote in, but it was tough because just like all my  granny squares, I’d […]

Handbags – Make it or Buy it? – a Gift Round-up

I’ve had a phrase buzzing in my head this week:  ‘Make it or buy it?’ (Updated Nov. 9, 2015.  This post includes affiliate links.) This isn’t unusual, really.   It’s a struggle I have all too often between having ‘handmade euphoria’ vs. ‘gotabargain buzz’.  Today I’m sharing my process with you. I recently delved into the world […]
Bolster Bag Yarn Caddy Pattern - for knitters on the go!

Bolster Bag Yarn Caddy Pattern

Have you ever had an idea for something you’d really enjoy owning (or giving) hit you and you just can’t leave it alone until you’ve made it?  That’s what happened when I started thinking about this Bolster Bag Yarn Caddy.  I started out by cutting up pop bottles.   Lightning started dancing in my head  […]