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These cute granny square patterns are among the top 100 for 2015.

Granny Square Patterns in Top 100 for 2015

I’m so very pleased to announce that my granny square patterns have been recognized among the top 100 of 2015 on All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns! (I hope you will forgive my bit of bragging, but I just have to shout about it! 🙂 ) I just received a note from Prime Publishing that one or more of […]
A quick and easy knitting pattern for a cardigan sweater for 18 inch dolls.

Sweetheart Cardigan Sweater for 18 Inch Dolls – Pattern

  Here’s how I got totally snookered into designing and making a sweater for 18 inch dolls: “Nanny will you knit my dolly a sweater?”  These were simply irresistible words.  My heartstrings had been tugged.  I said ‘yes’ with a smile, so easily.  Then I took a deep breath and  wondered what I’d committed myself to.  I reasoned […]

Elephant Crochet Edging — Getting Creative

 Here is a quick show and tell from one of our readers:  It’s an adorable picture sent in by Natasha Jones, who used the Elephant Crochet Edging to make this cute ‘Tiara-Style’ headband.    She made just four of the elephant motifs at the top.  Without using a  foundation row, she and  others thought the elephants looked more […]
Easy knitted Headwrap pattern

Easy Knitted Headwrap Pattern

When this Easy Knitted Headwrap was featured in a picture on the post about the Magic Poinsettia a couple of weeks ago, I received  a surprising number of requests for  the pattern. I tried to jot down a brief explanation to someone who wrote in, but it was tough because just like all my  granny squares, I’d […]
#bakingoutsidethebox | This crocheted Poinsettia Granny Square and Ornament pattern will make Christmas warm and bright. Get the pattern now. #christmascrochet #crochetpattern #grannysquare #poinsettiacrochet

Magic Poinsettia Granny Square Pattern

Sharing This Magic Poinsettia Granny Square is my Christmas gift to all my crocheting friends far and wide. (Please note: If you’d like the premium pattern that is ad-free, has larger text and helpful tips and photos, please visit my Etsy shop. ) In creating this Poinsettia granny square I failed many times. I turned a […]

Serving Up the Easy Crocheted Stay-put Bootees Pattern

I’ve made this bootees pattern a gazillion times. Well, maybe half a gazillion times. I started making newborn baby layettes for charity shortly after 911. It was my self-imposed therapy to get through a time that was difficult for all of us. At the time I was using a simple bootee pattern that began at […]

Elephants on Parade Pattern Update

  I found something that truly pleases me to share with you today.  It is the written pattern instructions for the crocheted Elephants on Parade Baby Blanket Edging. Recently I was perusing some of my ancient documents on the computer. (OK,  I started with the intent to clean stuff out and ended up reading and enjoying it. […]
Here are 12 Ways to Join Granny Squares. If you've ever wondered how to attach granny squares here are 12 options. Take your pick!

DIY: Design a Granny Square ~ Part 2

In the last post I gave you a little formula that will help in making your own custom granny squares. Today I’m sharing with you the guidelines or rules I’ve discovered that have helped me in successfully completing a custom granny square of my own.  I had to think and think about all this.  It’s been […]
These cute granny square patterns are among the top 100 for 2015.

DIY: Design a Granny Square ~ Part 1

Design a granny square?  Yes you can!  I have been wanting to put this down in words and share it with you for so long.  I have a lot to say, so hold on! Having this information is like a magical formula at your fingertips.   It’s a beautiful, wonderful equation that allows you to spin lace […]
Get the Pattern for the Magic Casement Turquoise granny square

Magic Casement Pattern ~ The Lost Granny Squares Series

It’s hard to believe that the Magic Casement Square is the last granny square pattern in this series. I have a good many more blocks than when I began to rescue this projects 3 months ago.  I haven’t counted them yet, but I’m certain I am close to the number I need to complete “The […]
This Basic Granny Square Pattern is simple enough for beginners and bliss out time for experienced crocheters.

Basic Granny Square Pattern ~ Kiss Granny

 This week I am “Keeping it Simple Sweetheart’ with the basic granny square pattern. This is the first granny I learned how to make and I had some of these in my stash of ‘Lost Granny Squares’.  It seems only right to take the time to explain the basics. I love this pattern, because making […]

Round Peg in a Square Hole Crochet Pattern ~ The Lost Granny Squares Series

I imagined a lot of different names for this crochet pattern while I developed it:  ‘Bullseye’, ‘Wheel in a Wheel’, ’45 RPM’, ‘Suspended Disbelief’ and ‘Magic Medallion’.  I settled on ‘Round Peg in a Square Hole’ – the inverse of the common phrase; square peg in a round hole. This crochet pattern  is the result of my […]

Grandmother’s Garden Pattern– The Lost Granny Squares Series

I loved making the Grandmother’s Garden granny squares this week.  It was easy to imagine a field of them all joined together and spread over a sleeping child. I have a small confession to make.  I bought yarn this week.  I had to.  I was running out of colors I need.  Really.  In fact I’m […]

Postage Stamp Pattern – The Lost Granny Squares Series

I’ve always thought these granny squares looked like a postage stamp, but I almost named them ‘My Penance’… Years ago after making a bunch of  normal-ish granny squares I wanted to see if I could start one somewhere other than the middle. And yes, I admit it. Trying to reverse engineer this one and write down the instructions […]
#bakingoutsidethebox | The Lost Granny Squares Series Continues with the Kaleidoscope Pattern a fun and mildly challenging design.

The Kaleidoscope Pattern — The Lost Granny Squares Series

The Lost Granny Squares Series continues with it’s latest edition; The Kaleidoscope Pattern.  This square was an odd one in the box. It was an ‘only’ and I didn’t understand it until I measured it.  It was way over the 6 inch mark that I was adhering to back then.   I must have just […]