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#bakingoutsidethebox | This crocheted Poinsettia Granny Square and Ornament pattern will make Christmas warm and bright. Get the pattern now. #christmascrochet #crochetpattern #grannysquare #poinsettiacrochet

Magic Poinsettia Granny Square Pattern

Sharing This Magic Poinsettia Granny Square is my Christmas gift to all my crocheting friends far and wide. (Please note: If you’d like the premium pattern that is ad-free, has larger text and helpful tips and photos, please visit my Etsy shop. ) In creating this Poinsettia granny square I failed many times. I turned a […]
Get the Pattern for the Magic Casement Turquoise granny square

Magic Casement Pattern ~ The Lost Granny Squares Series

It’s hard to believe that the Magic Casement Square is the last granny square pattern in this series. I have a good many more blocks than when I began to rescue this projects 3 months ago.  I haven’t counted them yet, but I’m certain I am close to the number I need to complete “The […]
This Basic Granny Square Pattern is simple enough for beginners and bliss out time for experienced crocheters.

Basic Granny Square Pattern ~ Kiss Granny

 This week I am “Keeping it Simple Sweetheart’ with the basic granny square pattern. This is the first granny I learned how to make and I had some of these in my stash of ‘Lost Granny Squares’.  It seems only right to take the time to explain the basics. I love this pattern, because making […]
#bakingoutsidethebox | Snowflake on the Square Pattern granny square with free instructions.

Snowflake on the Square Pattern — The Lost Granny Squares

The Lost Granny Square Collection continues.  When I looked outside first thing this morning I was surprised to see that a light, white blanket of snow had covered everything.  As I ran errands this morning, perfect little snowflakes pelted my coat.  I stopped and took a moment to marvel at the beautiful shapes and designs […]