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This French recipe for Low Sugar Blackberry jam tastes of fresh fruit and late summer sunshine. It takes less than half the sugar of a regular jam recipe

Low Sugar Blackberry Jam ~ French Recipe

Low Sugar Blackberry Jam This recipe for Low Sugar Blackberry Jam is easy and delicious. It tastes of fresh sun-ripened fruit and late summer days. Jam making was not on my list of to-do’s last week but it definitely got the number one spot in my bullet journal when one of my dearest friends (Jeri) […]
Baking with kids can be fun and challenging. here are a few savvy tips.

Baking with Kids in the Kitchen 101

 Baking with kids can be a wonderful experience.  It can also be a stressful one.  The potential for accidents and mess can make inviting a child into the kitchen a daunting task.  Here are some basic things you can do to insure that you and your little one have a good time while baking.    1.    Set […]
I learned how to easily save time and money using paper coupons with these 6 tips.

6 Reasons You Should Use Paper Coupons

  Eons and Eons ago, just after the dinosaurs and before the Paleo Cuisine rage, I used to file mounds of paper coupons weekly.  All the coupons I could get my hands on, I filed.  Once a week, I’d get together with other young moms and we’d swap for what we needed.  It was fun, […]
After trying a lot of them, this is the easiest and best DIY Fabric Softener for both the washer and dryer. How-to's and recipe included. Super thrifty.

Best DIY Fabric Softener for Washer and Dryer

  What is the Best DIY Fabric Softener?  I’ve been experimenting with my laundry trying to decide just that. I’d been meaning to play with DIY fabric softener ideas I’d been seeing on Pinterest forever.  It’s funny how a small circumstance like forgetting to go to the store over the weekend will force you into trying […]
#bakingoutsidethebox | Here a the two best DIY laundry detergent recipes I have ever used. They are thrifty and effective. I use one of them daily. Find out how to make a batch that is just the right size for your family.

My Two Favorite DIY Laundry Detergent Recipes

  I’m sharing my two hands down best DIY Laundry Detergent recipes.  Why would I say these are the best?  I’ve tried quite a few recipes, powdered and liquid alike over the years.  I have used both of these formulas in my home for extended periods. Both are thrifty, effective and very low suds. DIY Laundry […]

DIY All Purpose Spray Cleaner

I learned how to make this DIY All Purpose Spray Cleaner many years ago from a neighbor’s cleaning lady. I was visiting with my neighbor one morning when her cleaning lady, Beth, arrived and started into tidying-up my neighbor’s already spotless house.  I have to admit a bit of envy here — she had a spotless […]
#bakingoutsidethebox | Save money with these four coupon and rebate phone apps. Found out how I paid ONLY 5 CENTS for 5 bucks worth of cheese at the store using these apps.

The 4 Essential Coupon and Rebate Phone Apps

  Today I’m sharing with you how I save money  using coupon and rebate phone apps  when grocery shopping.  I have sifted through a good many coupon and rebate apps out there and the four I am presenting today are my favorites and save (and make) me the most money.  All of them are free to sign-up. […]

The Truth About Baking Soda and Vinegar

I use the two super cleaners, baking soda and  white (distilled) vinegar, to replace some commercial cleaning items in my home. Many of you do too.  It eliminates many toxic mystery chemicals in the home and saves a lot of money over the course of a year. I’ve read through quite a few homemade recipes for […]

DIY Thrifty Oven Cleaner – Shame to Shine

. . . My son kindly offered to fix dinner for my husband and I because we both had head colds.  I suddenly found myself in desperate need of a diy thrifty oven cleaner. Two things went wrong; I’d  purchased a frozen fish dish that looked interesting and was on sale and my darling son used a […]
#BakingOutsidetheBox | This crazy little hack cleans up hard water and soap scum.

Spotty to Sparkling Shower Glass

I’m going to tell you how I got sparkling shower glass.  This is such a crazy thing that I just have to share it. I stumbled upon it following an impulse which was followed by a bit of research.  Let me tell you what happened.  I had just rotated the laundry and turned on the dryer. […]

Easy DIY: Toilet Bowl Freshener

I saw a commercial online with a lady spouting the praises of toilet bowl freshener in a proper English accent.  It was funny and strange and got my attention.  The product is called ‘Poo Pourri’.   I clicked through and saw that the price was about ten bucks for 2 ounces.  Youchy!  Nope, couldn’t go there. So of course, […]

Super Easy Hack to Remove Labels

As you know I’ve been on a quest to remove labels from jars and other containers this week.  I’ve been very pleased with the results from the Great Goo Be Gone experiment.  It works well and has made my life a bit thriftier and easier already. But I found this crazy little hack in a […]

Great Goo Be Gone DIY

I’m sharing this  Goo Be Gone DIY with you today because of my New Year’s  Resolutions to be thrifty and use fewer kitchen chemicals and well, because it works! I’m quite demanding when making homemade products.  I can’t stand waste or mediocre performance. I’ve been trying to get labels off of various containers, both plastic and […]

Transplanting Basil Indoors

Save the basil!  If you want to have delicious fresh basil all winter long, it is time for transplanting basil indoors. I love fresh basil.   Once I figured out that fresh basil is completely different (and by different I mean tastes and smells much better) from the dried stuff there was no going back to […]

Self-watering Mason Jar Planter DIY

It was so fun to make this self-watering mason jar planter.  It allows me to plant it and forget  it. A self-watering planter  solves my problem of being able to leave on  trips or simply forgetting a plant, and having the comforting thought that it will probably survive.  As you might guess, I don’t usually keep […]

DIY: Emergency Heating Pad

I’ve used the emergency heating pad trick while on a business trip or vacation a number of times.  It is so very simple. You need:  A  hand towel or two.  A zip-type gallon-sized plastic bag  Hot water Microwave  (optional) Here’s How: Method 1 Get the towel wet with warm to hot-ish water.  (Be certain it is not to […]