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A quick and easy knitting pattern for a cardigan sweater for 18 inch dolls.

Sweetheart Cardigan Sweater for 18 Inch Dolls – Pattern

  Here’s how I got totally snookered into designing and making a sweater for 18 inch dolls: “Nanny will you knit my dolly a sweater?”  These were simply irresistible words.  My heartstrings had been tugged.  I said ‘yes’ with a smile, so easily.  Then I took a deep breath and  wondered what I’d committed myself to.  I reasoned […]
Easy knitted Headwrap pattern

Easy Knitted Headwrap Pattern

When this Easy Knitted Headwrap was featured in a picture on the post about the Magic Poinsettia a couple of weeks ago, I received  a surprising number of requests for  the pattern. I tried to jot down a brief explanation to someone who wrote in, but it was tough because just like all my  granny squares, I’d […]