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Mix and microwave this yummy Low Carb Mug Pancake in 2 minutes for a super fast and easy breakfast. 1.6 net carbs.

Low Carb Mug Pancake

I made a Low Carb Mug Pancake for breakfast this morning.  I just can’t wait to share the recipe with you. I was set for a busy morning and a long to-do list as I walked into the kitchen wanting pancakes.  My husband had left for work early and I really didn’t feel like dragging […]

Oopsie Rolls Recipe Success – Tips and Hints

I thought about titling this article, ‘ How Do Your Oopsie Rolls ‘.  But it was too silly.  You and I both know  that finding a bread replacement is serious business to anyone who’s trying to live without grain in their life.  The search for a truly satisfying covering for a low carb sandwich can become an […]
This low carb bread is great for toast and sandwiches. It slices well. It's totally worth separating a few eggs to enjoy this bread with a meal and without guilt at just 1.1 net carbs a slice.

Best Low Carb Bread Recipe

Low Carb Bread. It’s a three word phrase that seems like it should end in several question marks. I’ve made quite a few different recipes of low carb bread looking for something that would hold up as a sandwich covering, be toastable, taste good and feel good in my mouth.  I discovered on this journey […]