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#bakingoutsidethebox | This fruity diet smoothie morning protein shake is satisfying, healthy and delicious and blends up in under a minute.

Berry Healthy Morning Diet Smoothie Recipe

All the recipes this week have included something that tasted of berries and this diet smoothie is no exception.  (Do you get the feeling I love berries?  Oh yes. Yes I do.) As you may have read last week my DH and I have been on the Dr. Oz Rapid Weight loss diet for nearly two […]

Summer Berry Coleslaw & Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

Summer Berry Coleslaw.   Have you ever had a new recipe pop into your head that just begged to be attempted?  I had no idea if this one would work.  So of course I tried it out on company last night. Fortunately for me it was a hit and in fact I have designs on the little bowl […]

Shrimp Gumbo ~ Low Carb Comfort Food Recipe

There are times when on a diet that one needs comfort food.  Something warm, spicy, delicious and filling. For those times my Shrimp Gumbo is a  low carb comfort food recipe I love.  In fact I make it even when I’m not on a diet. Eating while on the road can be treacherous to the scales.  I’m between […]

Low Carb Ricotta Muffins Sweet or Savory

The Low Carb Ricotta Muffins Recipe is one of my favorite grab n go breakfasts — whether I’m on a diet or not. This recipe is a happy game-changer for low carbers who often eat eggs at breakfast.  It makes eggs a treat. I originally found the Ricotta Muffins recipe on a forum post on ‘Three Fat […]

Low Carb Barbecue Chicken Spread Recipe

Low Carb Barbecue Chicken Spread gets the star treatment! Tracy and I are very excited to be guests this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Comicon FanX  in Salt Lake City.  We will be doing a plethora of panels and events.  We will also be in the vendors area signing autographs at our sales […]

Loaded Cauliflower Recipe – Low Carb

Watch it, I’m holding a loaded cauliflower!  Well, OK,  not really.  But get out your fork, because this recipe is good. You’ve probably seen my cauliflower hash browns recipe and you may have guessed that not only do I like cauliflower but I use it to pull the old ‘switcheroo’ to replace starchy potatoes all the […]

Mango Salsa Recipe on Shrimp Tacos

I promised you I’d share my favorite salsa recipe today and here it is:  Mango Salsa.  Mango?  Isn’t that fruit?  Isn’t Laura low carbing it?  Why, yes, yes I am. Sanely. I will understand if you deem that this isn’t a low carb dish, but I’m not quaffing the stuff up.  It’s a  condiment.  Admittedly it […]

Crispy Cheese Taco Shells and Tortillas Recipe – Low Carb

Crispy cheese taco shells are the only thing that can stave off my craving for tacos on this low carb regimen.   And not just any tacos… my favorite kind.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Today I’m sharing with you an easy way to make low carb crispy cheese taco shells and tortillas. I’ve […]

Strawberry Fools Recipe Low Carb Candy

Here is a sweet little treat for April; Strawberry Fools.  My mother used to make these fun faux strawberries at Christmas time. I’ve adapted the traditional recipe to a lovely low carb candy for my new diet.  (And yes, Tracy and I are doing great on our low carb regimen.  It’s not fast weightloss, but […]

Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce Recipe Low Carb

The Blender Hollandaise Sauce Recipe is one of my pleasures and joys in a low carb regimen.  It tastes like buttery warm, lemony sunshine. Just look at the ingredients: butter, lemon juice, egg yolks, cayenne, a pinch of salt. It is nearly a-no fail recipe and it is the only Hollandaise recipe I ever use. […]

Best Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

These Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies saved my diet this week. Yup, I’m on a diet.  Again.  Winter has melted away, but my ‘winter coat’ has not. 🙂  My husband, Tracy, and I have buddied-up for a healthy lower carb regimen.  We have eschewed all white flour and regular sugars and anything deemed too ‘starchy’. We […]

Farmhouse Pickles Recipe

Farmhouse Pickles are a childhood favorite of mine. My mother used to make them and sometimes referred to them as ‘Lunch Pickles’.  When I asked her why,  she said it was because you could make them in the morning and they would be ready to serve by lunchtime.  And that is exactly what they used […]

Game Day Guac (Easy Guacamole) Recipe

Easy Guacamole is one of my  favorite avocado recipes and I absolutely love avocados. I grew up thinking that all green salads contained avocados. I adore them.   Avocados can get hugemungus if allowed to tree ripen.  When I was young I had a friend who’s dad worked in an avocado orchard.  He used to […]

Magic Cauliflower and Low Carb Pizza Recipes

Magic Cauliflower?  Low Carb Pizza?  Comfort food on a diet?  Yes, oh yes. It’s the new year and time for me to think about leaving the holidays behind.  Really behind.  Today I’m sharing two of my favorite go-to low carb recipes.  It’s a simple process.  Start with a head of cauliflower and then steam it […]
Easy & crustless low carb pumpkin pie recipe

Low Carb Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Today I’m sharing with you something that soothes a dieter’s sweet-tooth and gives a nod to the season; Low Carb Pumpkin Pie Recipe (crustless). This is a recipe I have been using for nearly thirty years.  I got the original from a friend and have tweaked a good deal since. It is so good that […]