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#bakingoutsidethebox | Get the tips and sewing instructions for this Bandanna Dress . It is a fun pattern adaptation for sizes 3-7. Twirl!!

Bandanna Dress Pattern Transformation

I had a wonderful, glorious and insane idea:  sundresses made with bandannas. The phrase ‘Bandanna Dress’  sounds so retro and fun.  When they were finished the little girls adored them so much they didn’t want to ever take them off. I learned how to flat pattern draft when I was teen-ager and have made many designs […]
Bolster Bag Yarn Caddy Pattern - for knitters on the go!

Bolster Bag Yarn Caddy Pattern

Have you ever had an idea for something you’d really enjoy owning (or giving) hit you and you just can’t leave it alone until you’ve made it?  That’s what happened when I started thinking about this Bolster Bag Yarn Caddy.  I started out by cutting up pop bottles.   Lightning started dancing in my head  […]

Seamstress, Sewer Sewist. Which one are you?

Sewist?  What kind of a Frankenstein word is that?  Words are my livelihood.  So why was I surprised by this one? Once I was aware of sewist, the word seemed to be everywhere.  It’s a popular term in sewing magazines and with bloggers. I’ve been sewing for almost fifty years (yes, that’s 5-0!)  and I’ve […]

Redesign & Re-love DIY: New Capris from Old Jeans

 DIY Jeans Redesign: Capris When I grabbed the salvaged jeans out of the dryer I got excited because I could give them a new life and get one more summer out them.  (If you want to know how I got old, dry latex paint out of my jeans, read this.) It’s been a mercurial spring […]

Warm Up Bag DIY

Cozying up with a warm up bag and a good book is one of my favorite winter activities.  Last week, the winter sniffles made the rounds at our house. (I could say we were ‘under the weather’ but I object to the phrase because one does not say ‘over the weather’ for the inverse….I wonder […]

The Giving Bunny Project Review

(Pattern for Living has joined Baking Outside the Box.) These adorable little Giving Bunnies came into my possession recently at the Gen Con game convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. I tucked Glitch into my badge holder and carried her (she is made of a floral white on white cloth).  Glitch was given to me by a […]

Last Minute Bunny Pattern

(Pattern for Living has joined Baking Outside the Box!) Last Minute Bunny  Here is a sweet little stuffed bunny pattern that whips up quickly and he’s just the right size for tiny hands.  I am sharing the pattern that I’ve developed with you . To get started, I needed a bit of fleece to make the stuffed […]