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Keto Doritos Safe Cheat-oh ~ Dorketos ~

Yesterday was day three of being back on the low carb wagon for me.*  Of course I’m craving something crunchy, crispy, zesty, flavorful… you know; GOOD! After poking around Pinterest for a bit I found a recipe called ‘Jack Snacks’  and it looked like it just might do the trick. It takes just cheese and jalepeno pepper […]

Low Carb Blender Sherbet

This low carb  blender sherbet is sure to make any weary January dieter smile. Many years ago, my darling hairdresser, Chris, told me about this cold treat.  It’s been in my diet arsenal ever since. It’s cold, sweet and creamy.  It is a perfect get-you-through-the-afternoon snack.  It is quite filling.  In fact it is so filling that […]