Freshen & Clean Your Garbage Disposal Super Fast DIY

clean_garbage_disposalThis is a little trick that will not only  freshen and clean your garbage disposal pronto, it will also make your kitchen smell great too.

 It is simply this:

  • When I have left over lemon rinds I cut them up so they are small enough for my disposal to grind up.

  • I toss these in the sink with 2-3 cups ice cubes and  1/2 to 1 cup baking soda.  (I love baking soda!)

  • If it seems very dirty I add a few drops of dish detergent too, like lemon Joy.

  • Turn on the hot water and the disposal.

  • Grind it all up.  Turn off the disposal and water.

  • You're done.

The whole kitchen will have a lovely lemony smell and even feel cleaner.


Handy tip: I buy baking soda in huge bags and refill empty shaker bottles to use around the house.  (Oh and so you know: No one paid me to write about baking soda. I'm just a fan. 🙂 )

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