The Giving Bunny Project Review

(Pattern for Living has joined Baking Outside the Box.)

These adorable little Giving Bunnies came into my possession recently at the Gen Con game convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I tucked Glitch into my badge holder and carried her (she is made of a floral white on white cloth).  Glitch was given to me by a woman who visited with Tracy and me in our booth in the Exhibitor's Hall as we autographed our books.  My wholehearted thanks to her for this thoughtful little gift.

               These cuties are just a smidgen over 3 inches tall.  I thoroughly enjoyed sporting this tiny bunny everywhere I went at the convention.

               It wasn't until I got home that I became curious about the attached card that read –“Hello!  Please take me home.  My name is _______ and I am your bunny.  I was made just for you and put here for you to find."  What an absolutely delightful idea!

               I immediately looked it up online and found that these bunnies have been discovered in places all over the globe!   It was so heartwarming to look at the world map of all the bunny locations.

               Amazingly and generously the bunny pattern and tags are a free download.  So why not whip up a few new little friends for someone you know or someone unknown who will delight in such a charming little surprise in their day?

Learn more about  the ‘Giving Bunny Project’ at  .  signature


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