Here’s My Heart Crochet Pattern

 Here's My Heart Crochet Pattern.  It is my Valentine's gift to you.

Grab your free copy of the 'Here's My Heart' crochet pattern. #bakingoutsidethebox #crochethearts #crochet #valentine

I have been making these crocheted hearts in various ways for years.  I actually stumbled upon the method while I was madly making free form granny squares.  I get out scraps of yarn and start out with a basic granny (or not!) and then see where it takes me.  That's how these little darlings were born.

So what can you do with the hearts ?

#BakingOutsidetheBox | Try making one of these easy and cute crocheted hearts.  I made this Hearts-n-Lace Garland for my mantelpiece.  (The teddies have been vaunted to the status of 'decorative' though I suspect my grandkids will insist they be released for play the next time they visit. )
#BakingOutsidetheBox | Try making one of these easy and cute crocheted hearts.
  I used 12 hearts of varying sizes, 2 yards of lace and about 2 1/2 yards of 1/8" wide ribbon.
 I threaded the ribbon through the lace and the hearts evenly spacing them using a darning needle.  (Instead of a darning needle you could twist the end of a bobby-pin and use it. ---Experience speaking here. 🙂 )  Of course the amount of materials needed would depend on where you wished to hang the garland.
#BakingOutsidetheBox | Try making one of these easy and cute crocheted hearts.
I also sewed two of them together and made a heart pocket to hide a little Valentine's secret in.  #BakingOutsidetheBox | Try making one of these easy and cute crocheted hearts.I appreciate your input,  if you have questions or pattern corrections, please let me know!

#BakingOutsidetheBox | Try making one of these easy and cute crocheted hearts.

The free version of the pattern for the small 'Here's My Heart' is below.  The premium, ad-free, large print version of the pattern for 'Here's My Heart' with helpful photos and the small, medium and large size hearts is available in my Etsy shop.   Enjoy! - Laura

Here's My Heart crochet pattern (Small heart 21/2" finished size)
Laura Hickman copyright 2014 all rights reserved
Materials to make a 2 1/4 inch heart:
Size G  (4 mm) crochet hook
size 4 medium weight yarn
(-Or- Experiment with yarn, thread and
hooks to make the heart-size you desire.)
 Round 1: Start with a magic ring, chain 3
(this is the 1st dbl ), 2 dbl, ch 2, * 3 dbl,
ch1, 3 dbl, ch2, 3 dbl, ch 1, slip to join to
first dbl.
 Round 2: skip 1, then in 2nd st in cluster;
hdc, 3 dbl, hdc, sc, ch 1.
 Make custom center stitch: Holding yarn to back of heart, insert hook in 2nd st of chain
2 and continue down into center of heart and bring yarn through the front, pulling up
tightly, ch1. (1st half of heart top complete.)
 Skip 1 and then in in 2nd st in cluster; sc, hdc, 3 dbl, hdc. Skip 1, Sc in ch1 space. ( 2nd
half of heart top complete)
 Sc in next three sts.
 In ch 2 space at bottom of heart: sc, ch 2, sc. (Point at bottom made.)
 Sc in next 3 sts, sc in ch 1 space. Slip to first st in round. Finish off. Weave in yarn

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