Last Minute Bunny Pattern

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Last Minute Bunny 

Here is a sweet little stuffed bunny pattern that whips up quickly and he's just the right size for tiny hands.  I am sharing the pattern that I've developed with you .

To get started, I needed a bit of fleece to make the stuffed bunny pattern up.  I love sewing and crafting and I couldn't stop thinking about this after I imagined it, until I'd made one!  Working with fleece as a medium is rewarding.  It is such a lovely texture and sooo forgiving. It doesn't ravel and is easy to wash. (And undo stitches, when needed 😛 )

 My daughter, Angel Peterson of, invited me over to 'shop' her remnants stash.  I carried away quite a bundle and I now have enough to make some other 'Precious Little'  projects too.  The Last Minute Bunny needs only a 12 inch square of cloth and a small scrap for the ear linings.


It took me just under an hour to make this little bunny. He was stitched entirely by hand, using six strands of embroidery floss and a long needle -- no machine. I'm sure it would go faster if things like the basting stitches were done on the machine.  However there is something enchanting in an item that comes together under the gentle pressure of a hand needle slipping through the cloth.  I also feel that the heavy embroidery threads make the little stuffed bunny more durable.

Click here to get the instructions and download The Last Minute Bunny Pattern.

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