Low Sugar Blackberry Jam ~ French Recipe

This French recipe for Low Sugar Blackberry jam tastes of fresh fruit and late summer sunshine. It takes less than half the sugar of a regular jam recipe Low Sugar Blackberry Jam This recipe for Low Sugar Blackberry Jam is easy and delicious. It tastes of fresh sun-ripened fruit and late summer days. Jam making was not on my list of to-do’s last week but it definitely got the number one spot in my bullet journal when one of my dearest friends (Jeri) […] More→

Chop House Seasoning Recipe DIY

This Chop House Seasoning makes great pork chops. Sprinkle this on pork chops before browning or baking. So easy, you may have the spices on hand right now. I love making my own seasoning blends and this chop house seasoning recipe is one of my favorites. This seasoning is the beginning of great pork chops. I sprinkle this on pork chops no matter what chop recipe I’m making.This DIY seasoning mix isn’t exotic or complicated and you may have the required spices in your cupboard […] More→

Indexing – Race to Save the World’s Records

This post is paid & sponsored by Family Search.org.  All the words and opinions are mine. People all over the world are joining forces this weekend, July 15-17, 2016 for the ‘Annual Worlwide Indexing Event’ from FamilySearch.org.  They are looking for 72,000 teammates to help with this event. What’s indexing, you ask?  It is entering into your computer […] More→

Crunchy Low Carb Melba Toast

Here it is– Low Carb Melba Toast. These little slices of goodness never fail to satisfy my need for crunch in my life.  (Well, just my mouth, really.) I promised you I’d show you what else can be made from the Almond Flour Biscuits and here it is. Melba toast is very simple to make. […] More→

Low Carb Personal Pizza

Super simple and fast low carb pizza. 4.4 net carbs and ready in under 10 minutes So this Low Carb Personal Pizza is a lovely accident.  I ran out of riced cauliflower, from which I usually make pizza crust.  (See my cauliflower pizza crust recipe here.) So in casting about for a platform for my pizza toppings, I spied a leftover low carb english muffin. I’d made Speedy English Muffins for breakfast […] More→

Millionaire Spaghetti Squash ~ Low Carb

This Millionaire Spaghetti Squash recipe is sure-fire comfort food for a low carb diet. It makes a large pan and your family will love it. My Millionaire Spaghetti Squash is a recipe makeover of a starchy classic into a new low carb star.  This casserole is now a favorite in my low carb recipe arsenal.  I adore comfort food that is also is low carb. It’s simple to make: Layer the creamy cheese layer over a bed of spaghetti squash. Mix the […] More→

Diet Plateau Crushing Muffin Recipe

Diet Plateau Crushing Muffins are easy & can be on the breakfast in about 30 minutes. - Delicious & filling. Make a small batch for just you! Yes, you read that right.  It seems impossible, yet this is a Diet Plateau Crushing Muffin Recipe.  I discovered it as a joke. During the holiday season last winter I came across an article that talked about losing weight eating oatmeal and protein for breakfast.  Tongue-in-cheek I told my husband that I’d discovered how we would […] More→

Low Carb Pancakes for 1

Low carb Pancakes for 1 whip up quickly in the blender and taste fantastic. A whole batch is about 3 carbs. Definitely a favorite low carb comfort food.   Whipping up some Low carb Pancakes for 1 is the perfect way to kick off a successful low carb day.  They are super easy to make and unlike so many low carb pancake recipes, they aren’t too fragile to flip on the griddle. You can whisk or blend up a little batch of these […] More→