Hearts & Kisses Brownie Recipe

Over the weekend, I made brownies for the family get-together dinner.   I wanted to do something to make them special.  I was going to swap out Nutella for the butter…I was.  But my son, Jarod, was home from college for the weekend and upon discovering Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins in the cupboard, decided that they would […] More→

Bolero Chicken Soup Recipe

It’s been so cold here in the ‘Rocky Mountain Deep Freeze’… (You: How cold is it?) …  So cold that my coat is wearing a coat. I know – it’s not that funny, especially since it’s true. I’ve been longing for a dish that is warm, not just hot off the stove but something that […] More→

Nuffin but the Muffin Recipe

  What could be described as:  A Warm, sweet, personal dessert disguised as breakfast food?  -Or- Baked goods masquerading as healthier and more virtuous than cupcakes? Gotta be Muffins! I chose to feature the Orange Chocolate Chip variation of the ‘Nuffin But the Muffin’ recipe here because it brings back fond memories of a family vacation […] More→

Muffin and Quick Bread Mix Recipe

Packed with the flavors of autumn and made with the BOTB Muffin Mix-up.   It’s the Muffin Mix-up! I know I keep saying this about every Mix-up, but this is one of my favorite  Mix-ups!  The possibilities are endless.  I’ve made Lemon Poppy Seed Bread, Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins, Blueberry Muffins, Banana-nut Bread, Bran Muffins, Apple Muffins, and of course my, Loaded Pumpkin Muffins (see below)  and so many other […] More→

Best Kettle Corn Recipe Ever

You ready? Here’s the secret to the Best Kettle Corn Recipe Ever: There is no kettle involved and it takes just 20 minutes. I’ve been craving kettle corn.  But I get sticker shock whenever I pick up a bag, because the good kind is expensive. (It’s like 5 bucks for 4 cups…how much does it […] More→

Big Blondie Sheet Cake Recipe from Baking Outside the Box

Blondies Have More Fun! Big Blondie Sheet Cake Big Blondie Sheet Cake is fast and perfect for a crowd. The Blondie Mix-up makes this beautiful large sheet cake, dubbed, ‘The Big Blondie Sheet Cake, it is the white, light and buttery twin of  the chocolate Texas Sheet Cake.  This is an easy dessert to whip […] More→

Raspberry Blitz Bars Recipe

The Raspberry Blitz Bars Recipe is easy and is probably my all-time favorite cookie.  Raspberry, white chocolate , crunchy almonds and buttery sugar cookie.  Nom.   In fact, I’m eating one now as I’m writing this post.  I’m also hoping that I won’t get crumbs on my keyboard. 🙂  I made a batch yesterday  for […] More→

Perfect Sugar Cookie Mix-up & CookieRecipe

  Merry Christmas! Caroling and snow — Hot cocoa and cookies.    Many of the world’s  ovens are warm this season baking up traditions and the sweet scent of  Christmas goodies is wafting through air.   A favorite Christmas tradition in my family, for generations, is the annual making of the Christmas sugar cookies. I’ve […] More→