Our First Cookbook ~ ‘The Goody Mix’

  The Goody Mix, Vol 1 is on sale now.  “The Goody Mix”  is the core book for the Baking Outside the Box  Mix Method  and is now up for sale at Amazon via ebook.  “The Goody Mix” reveals the central and essential secret  recipe for the BOTB system. It’s filled with lots of fun […] More→

Show Stoppers: Taking Your Baking Creations Up a Notch.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of food.  As I put a lens between myself and my baking creations I realized something.  They began to look boring!  So here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned to take your baking creations from after thought to center stage: 1. Invest in a few basic […] More→

How to Make the Original Chocolate Chip Angel Cookies

Chocolate Chip  Angel Cookies In our introduction video Laura  mentioned my Chocolate Chip Angel Cookies – I thought I would share the original recipe with you while we are waiting for the Baking Outside the Box book with the easy recipe conversion to come out! I began perfecting my chocolate chip cookies in my early teens.  Every […] More→

Get Cracking with Egg Replacements in Baking

  Have you ever been in the middle of a baking project and discovered you need an egg?  You don’t have to drop everything, grab the car keys and go to the store.  Eggs can be replaced in cakes, cookies and bars. Below are a few suggestions of ingredients to swap out when you come […] More→

Man-Made Muffins

Time has moved on. I felt a little wistful upon awakening on Mother’s Day.  There were no little hands to help make pancakes or the nervous giggles of a breakfast parade that gently slopped OJ as they came up the stairs. My darling husband filled in the gap and offered to make me breakfast.  I […] More→

Introducing Baking Outside the Box

I’m so new to all of this, I just thought I’d try putting up a recipe… Laura Peanut Butterfingers Sweet, chewy texture, salty peanut butter and smooth chocolate Bar base: 2  1/4 Cups    Oatie Mix-up 1/3 Cup           butter 1/3 Cup          peanut butter (crunchy opt.) 1   […] More→

Sneak Peak of Baking Outside the Box Recipe

  In the coming weeks, months and, I hope, years I’ll be sharing my Baking Outside the Box Mix Method  with you and a world of desserts made easier, but with all the goodness of scratch baking.  I also love to craft and I have many homemaking tips to share too. I’m a writer by […] More→