Zero Carb Golden Pancake Syrup

The morning I first poured Zero Carb Golden Pancake Syrup on my pancakes I was so happy!  I mean dance-around-the-kitchen-with-the-jug-of-syrup-happy. Last summer my SIL made Buttermilk syrup that was so good you mostly just wanted to forget the pancakes and get out a cup.  My quest has been to develop something like this nectar but […] More→

DIY Baker’s Twine

DIY Baker's Twine is so fun and fast to make. Kids will enjoy it too. You can use it as ribbon, string or yarn. The short video tutorial makes it easy. A while ago I saw the instructions of how to make baker’s twine by hand.  I tried it and while it was fun, it took FOR…EV…ER.  I really, really wanted some Baker’s Twine, and there just had to be a faster way to produce it.   The above twine was made with cotton strips.  They make a […] More→

Baking with Kids in the Kitchen 101

Baking with kids can be fun and challenging. here are a few savvy tips.  Baking with kids can be a wonderful experience.  It can also be a stressful one.  The potential for accidents and mess can make inviting a child into the kitchen a daunting task.  Here are some basic things you can do to insure that you and your little one have a good time while baking.    1.    Set […] More→

Speedy Shrimp Scampi

A few convenient shortcuts allow this low carb Speedy Shrimp Scampi to get from oven to table quickly. Super satisfying & just under 6 grams of net carbs. This Speedy Shrimp Scampi is a great company dish (or a nice the-kids-are-in-bed-date-night-at-home-supper). 🙂 Low carbing requires a lot of ‘from scratch’ cooking and so when I can find a few shortcuts, I take them.  This recipe comes together quickly using pre-cooked shrimp and canned tomatoes.  It can be on the table in just under 30 […] More→

6 Reasons You Should Use Paper Coupons

I learned how to easily save time and money using paper coupons with these 6 tips.   Eons and Eons ago, just after the dinosaurs and before the Paleo Cuisine rage, I used to file mounds of paper coupons weekly.  All the coupons I could get my hands on, I filed.  Once a week, I’d get together with other young moms and we’d swap for what we needed.  It was fun, […] More→

Triple Berry Muffins Recipe ~Low Carb~

This easy Triple Berry Muffins Recipe is bound to become a favorite breakfast option on a low carb regimen. Just 3 net carbs per muffin. I love having low carb muffins at breakfast; It’s like having a healthy dessert first thing in the morning.  This low carb Triple Berry Muffins recipe truly fits the bill. The flavor of these Triple Berry Muffins is amazing.  The mixture of the subtle almond flavor (from the almond flour) and the berries combine to […] More→

Low Carb Almond Flour Biscuits

Missing bread in your low carb diet? This Almond Flour biscuits recipe really satisfied my craving. A low carb bargain at under 2 net carbs. I created this recipe for Low Carb Almond Flour Biscuits recently.  Here’s why: I had to admit to myself that I really missed bread. But how to get something low carb and satisfying?  I’ve made the ‘cloud or Oopsie rolls’ and they work well for sandwiches but I wanted something that has an actual bread-like […] More→

Keto Pizza Dip

This recipe for Keto Pizza Dip is so easy and good you'll serve it at parties to friends but wish you had it all to yourself. 3 net carbs per serving. I admit it.  I love cheese.  It is my number one comfort food.  I especially love it warm and a bit gooey.  That’s why when I saw a cute little video for Pizza Dip recently, I just couldn’t wait to make it.  In fact I was ecstatic to realize that I already had all the […] More→