Slow Cooker Low Carb Beef Stroganoff

This easy Slow Cooker Low Carb Beef Stroganoff is made for one of those days when you really want or need to dump everything  into the Crockpot and forget about until just before dinnertime. Staying in the rhythm of a lower carb eating plan can be strenuous, difficult.  I keep a few little things in the pantry […] More→

BLT Blue Cheese Loaded Lettuce Wedges

BLT Blue Cheese Loaded Lettuce Wedges are light, crisp and hearty with a surprisingly delicious and low calorie homemade Blue Cheese dressing recipe. This recipe for BLT Blue Cheese Loaded Lettuce Wedges is so simple I wondered if I should even share it with you. The clincher for me and why I’m talking to you today is the dressing. Homemade Blue Cheese dressing. Homemade Blue Cheese dressing is something that store bought dressing just can’t hold a bottle […] More→

Best DIY Fabric Softener for Washer and Dryer

After trying a lot of them, this is the easiest and best DIY Fabric Softener for both the washer and dryer. How-to's and recipe included. Super thrifty.   What is the Best DIY Fabric Softener?  I’ve been experimenting with my laundry trying to decide just that. I’d been meaning to play with DIY fabric softener ideas I’d been seeing on Pinterest forever.  It’s funny how a small circumstance like forgetting to go to the store over the weekend will force you into trying […] More→

Taco Zucchini Lasagna

Taco Zucchini Lasagna was created because I was in the mood this week for something warm, festive and a little different. The idea of a low carb Mex-Italian fusion dish was intriguing and had some challenges.   They were tri-fold ; #1. Finding or creating just the right low carb lasagna-type noodles. #2. Making a marinara ala Mexico.  #3. Keeping […] More→

Crab Tetrazzini ~ Low Carb

This low carb Crab Tetrazzini recipe was easy to make and so yum. Gotta try it with chicken too. This week I whipped up a delicious low carb Crab Tetrazzini recipe.  There are times when it’s chilly outside nothing but a hearty casserole will satisfy the palate. I  have an old favorite crab tetrazzini recipe from years ago that was filled with carbs and it is quite tasty, of course. I decided to take on […] More→

Granny Square Patterns in Top 100 for 2015

These cute granny square patterns are among the top 100 for 2015. I’m so very pleased to announce that my granny square patterns have been recognized among the top 100 of 2015 on All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns! (I hope you will forgive my bit of bragging, but I just have to shout about it! 🙂 ) I just received a note from Prime Publishing that one or more of […] More→

DIY Christmas Treat Boxes

Easy DIY tutorial with pictures for thrifty and cute Christmas treat boxes.   I’ve wanted to try making my own DIY Christmas Treat Boxes for a long time. I’ve seen the pictures of ‘plate boxes’ floating around Pinterest, but I wanted to add a twist.  All of the pictures I saw were made of very thin paper plates and folded with the top of the plate inward. This doesn’t […] More→

Christmas Tree Brownies

I made these Christmas Tree Brownies for a party. Everyone loved them. They were so fun and easy, I can't wait to make them again. I had so much fun making these Christmas Tree Brownies.  I love projects that are half food / half craft.  I found the idea of whipping up these treats absolutely irresistible and the bonus for me is that they are faster and easier to complete than I imagined.  I made them for a church activity. I drooled over pictures I saw of […] More→