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73 thoughts on “Please Join Us!

  1. I can’t seem to get the download of the flip flops instructions to open…it keeps taking me back to registering and I believe I have. Can you just send the file to me? Thanks!

    • Hi Josie! Sorry you’ve had trouble downloading the instructions. I’ve fixed the link now so you should be able to download the directions easily. Happy redesigning!

  2. I just want the 1 recipes for the biscotti clicked 2 places that said recipe and all I find are comments NO RECIPE

  3. After I register, I get a message that I need to request access. When I fill that out, it takes me back to the registration page.

    • Thanks for saying something! My registration filters were set so high that I doubt even I’d be able to register for my own site. ~Sigh~ I hope you’ll visit again soon and my apologies to anyone who has recently had a tough time registering.

  4. Danielle Porter says:

    Please tell me why I have to sign up for a Baking site when I am looking for a Crochet pattern????

    • Thanks for asking. All the patterns are downloaded securely. It ensures clean, safe files for all my readers. My reader’s email address list is private. I don’t share it with anyone. period. And yes, I develop lots of recipes, but I post a good many other things too. I’m ‘Baking Outside the Box’ in the larger sense, I guess. 😉 Welcome! I hope you enjoy the patterns.

  5. Every time I clicked to download the pdf of the flip flops it takes me to sign up page. Is the pdf still avaible?

    • The paragraph above the download link mentions that you must be signed in to get the download. Are you signed in to the site? Membership is free. This makes it possible to keep the downloads secure for everybody. 🙂

  6. Jaynell Assmann says:

    I would love to join. I make squares to send in for project chemo crochet, a group that makes blankets for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, and your snowflake square looks awesome!

    • To register, click on ‘sign in’ on the top menu and then click on register at the bottom of the form. Best wishes for your charitable projects!

  7. I have downloaded the pattern for the snowflake granny square afghan. It does not say how many squares to make. Am i correct in assuming that you make as many as you need for the size you want. Also i would like to do it in three colours. Red green and white for Christmas. How would you sugggest the pattern for three colours? Thanks

    • Yes, as many squares as needed for the size you want.for three colors I would start with green for the center, white for the snowflake part as pictured, and then red for the outside and joining yarn… That is what I would do. ?

  8. Susan toscano says:

    The snowflake on the square. Is the pattern for an entire afghan?

  9. Susan Toscano says:

    I’d love to try this pattern and be a part of your group.

  10. Kristina Brown says:


  11. I am having problems joining your website. It keeps saying captcha value needed

    • At the bottom of the sign up form there is a small math equation, – this is captcha. It wants you to enter the missing numeral (just the number, don’t spell it). This how the sign up form verfies you aren’t a robot. ?

  12. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  13. Kathleen Van Orden says:

    I love to find new things with the granny square… and this one interest me! 🙂

  14. Tried to join so I could copy patterns but don’t understand all in inst. What is a captcha? I’m not good with computers. Lucky to get this far on here. Sorry

    • I can see that you completed registration. Captcha is the the little addition form that asks for you to put in a numeral. This helps make sure that it’s a person who is registering. I hope you found the patterns you wanted. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to write.

  15. Carole Saylor says:

    Would love to join

  16. Kay Greenwood says:

    I would love to join your group ?

  17. Would love to join

  18. Would love to join your group

  19. Thank you

  20. love grannies

  21. Sara Lieb says:

    I love Granny Squares!

  22. 🙂

  23. Karen Hoch says:

    love your recipes

  24. Laura,wha does dbl mean

    • I’m certain it it should say ‘dc’ for double crochet. I am still learning how to correctly jot down pattern instructions. Thanks for letting me know.

  25. Love new granny squares!

  26. looking forward to new items

  27. Pauline Radestok says:

    I am thrilled with my download, my winter project is to crochet a throw for my bed and I can’t wait to get started using these fabulous patterns.

  28. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Dear Laura,
    Your “Snowflake on the Square” design is totally unforgetable;
    I appreciate your pattern, thank you very much. It is perfect to use
    at this time of year.

  30. Annete Hollingsworth says:

    Thank you, you have taught me so much

  31. Mary Englans says:

    I love all your Ideas… KISS
    keep it simple silly!

  32. Marilyn in E~ Town says:

    I am working on the Stay Put Quick Bootes an am finding it very frustrating that the directions don’t mention where to slip stitch on to the Bootie in Rnd 5, or for that even after Rnd 1, doesn’t say to join with a slip stitch. Iam an advance crocheter and find these directions a wee bit confusing, sorry really want to make this work.

    • Thank you for bringing these instruction omissions to my attention. I’m afraid I’m not great at writing down instructions yet, just crazy creative and trying to share my projects. So I truly appreciate help in clarifying my patterns. I’m working on the instructions and I’ll email you a fresh copy and freshen the download copy too. Thanks again.

  33. I love it…. it is so amazingly beautiful !!

  34. I tried to leave a message before,but it kept telling me to fill out form. Just wanted to say how very lovely this pattern is. I shared it with my crocheting buddy. Thank you. Will be looking for more things from you here.

  35. Thanks for letting me join!

  36. Hellen Hattingh says:


  37. Hellen Hattingh says:


  38. Beverly Holt says:

    I love these flower squares so very much. They will be my next project. I am excited to get started. Thanks for sharing your skill with us.

  39. I love your Grandma’s Garden squares and would love the patterns!!

  40. 🙂

  41. Rhonda Dietsch says:

    Can’t get enough different square patters, just love them.

  42. Judy Terry says:

    Where is the pattern for the petal cluster granny square?? Would love to make it!!

  43. A lovely granny square, must give it a try. Thanks.

  44. Zouglounette says:

    I like your patterns thanks love

  45. Cathie Anderson says:

    Love the lacy look

  46. these look comfy

  47. Thank you!

  48. These are great resources

  49. Thank you

  50. Love this!

  51. Regina Cook says:

    I love the granny squares

  52. Irene Hahn says:

    I really want this pattern. I love granny squares.

  53. Nan Green says:

    I am Granny Square obsessed. Thanks

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