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This French recipe for Low Sugar Blackberry jam tastes of fresh fruit and late summer sunshine. It takes less than half the sugar of a regular jam recipe

Low Sugar Blackberry Jam ~ French Recipe

Low Sugar Blackberry Jam This recipe for Low Sugar Blackberry Jam is easy and delicious. It tastes of fresh sun-ripened fruit and late summer days. Jam making was not on my list of to-do’s last week but it definitely got the number one spot in my bullet journal when one of my dearest friends (Jeri) […]

Green Tomato Salsa – Salsa Verde

Green Tomato Salsa is inspired by a recipe shared with me by my friend Jerri, who is an excellent cook and great neighbor? Thanks! I don’t do much canning, but when I saw this recipe, I had to try it. Why? Because I had a lot of green tomatoes hanging on my bushes and the […]