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  • Disclaimer: All content on this site is for entertainment purposes only. While we strive to be accurate, we do not guarantee the efficacy of patterns, recipes etc. While personal opinions may be expressed, in no way should any content be construed as health or medical advice.

Terms of Use

  •  By using this site  you  agree to the following terms of use:  You acknowledge the copyright of Laura Hickman on all the patterns, recipes, articles, photographs, art, logos, etc., in fine; works of all types are  the Intellectual Property of and owned by Laura Hickman at BakingOutsidetheBox.com.    

  • All the things I share on this site are for personal use only, not for sale or mass distribution.  

  • All content of all types on this site are on “loan” only –  you have no rights  to resell or distribute patterns, artwork, recipes or other Intellectual Property or content from Laura Hickman or Baking Outside the Box.com. 

  • If you would like to use a single photo on loan for purposes of review or roundup (and thank you for thinking of me,)  on your blog you may do so if  it is properly credited and linked to the post it came from.  It may not be linked to the main page!   You may not photo-stack or tutorialize photos for purposes of re-posting anywhere.

  • If you would like to re-post a recipe from this site, you may post the recipe without the instructions, and then include the proper link on this site (Baking Outside the Box), to the page where the instructions can be found.

  • I enjoy occasional guest posts on my blog.  If you have something you'd like to share that is relevant drop me a line at the address below.

  • Oh!  And if you'd like me to guest post on your blog please send a note to this address: helpdesk (@) bakingoutsidethebox (dot) com .

  • All Photos and Original Text (C) Copyright: 2011-2017, Laura Hickman. I grant permission for one photo and link per blog article to be copied to social media and other sites. The text and other photos are excluded and may not be used. All Other Rights Reserved.


  • There are occasionally single photos belonging to others for the purpose of review, linky, blog hop, roundup etc.  We claim no ownership, but request fair use.   The photos will always be accredited properly and linked properly.   If you own a photo displayed on this site and wish it to be removed for any reason, simply contact me with a request using the address below and it will be done.

  • There are advertising and affiliate links on this site for which I am compensated.  I always reveal if I am doing a paid endorsement as a post.


  • All content on this site is for entertainment purposes only.

  • While I strive to be accurate, I do not guarantee the efficacy of patterns, recipes etc.

  • While my personal opinions may be expressed, in no way should any content be construed as health or medical advice.

Contact Information:

  • Do you have an idea for guest post for this blog?  Would you like me to guest on your blog?  Lets talk!

  • Confused about instructions or need a download to work?

  • Just wanna talk about cooking / crocheting / crafting / sewing...???

  • Got a picture to share of a project or recipe you found here?

Write me at this address with any questions or requests.  (I love hearing from you!)

    • helpdesk (@) bakingoutsidethebox (dot) com .

 --Laura Hickman

20 thoughts on “Terms of Use & Contact Information

  1. Hey tricky woman! How did you get the Light the World on your blog? That’s awesome, and I want to do the same, but I don’t know where to find it! 😉
    Thanks for your help, Annalee 😉

    • Hi Annalee, Thanks so much for asking about the light the world resources.
      What you saw on my blog is an ad placed by Bonneville Communications. There are other resources you can download and use at: http://www.Mormon.org/downloads

      Again thank you for asking and supporting the #lighttheworldcampaign this Christmas. – Laura Hickman

      PS. – If you have a Facebook account I noted that you can change your profile picture to have #lighttheworld; here is my FB page where I’ve shared the little app created by Clever Girl Camille at Chicken Scratch n Sniff: https://www.facebook.com/Fairytalemaker

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the link problem. It’s been updated.

  3. Rocío Gómez de la Cortina says:

    Hi!!! Congratulations!!! Great site!!!

  4. I joined your page in January 2015, and am wondering if there is a newsletter that I am not receiving. Or, is your site just here for people to enjoy.
    Also, I clicked the ‘edit profile’ in the icon beside my name, and it went nowhere, just back to the home page.

  5. I would like to know–

    What are the sizes you prefer making as in afghans,throws

    I’m making twin size crochet and would like the finished piece to hang a lil of the ends. Suggestions?

    Is there a size you are more comfortable with when making and selling?

  6. I love this idea. You mentioned originally wanting to poke a whole in your bottle and plugging it with a cork- couldn’t you use the top portion of the 2 liter bottle and the plastic cap? That way all you would have to do is cut off the bottom of the bottle and push your yarn in.

    • Actually what you are describing is what I ended up doing. I think you can see in the pictures that I used the top of the bottle. — So much easier than the cork idea. 🙂

  7. Toni Kling says:

    Thank you so much. Your flower will be a fun embellishment on a project.

  8. Toni Kling says:

    Am I allowed to make the flower to put on other items I sell on Etsy?

    I can link back to your site.

    • Yes. A few handmade items would be fine. Thank you for using my pattern. And yes please link back to my site! Would love a link to your shop when you put them up!

  9. Hi Laura! I think I have died and gone to “baking heaven”! I just found your web-site through your daughter’s Fleece Fun. I love your Baking Outside the Box recipes! Thank you so much for sharing with us! With your permission, I would like to make the Goody Mix and print all of the recipes, put them in a book and give them to my two very busy daughters-in-love for their Christmas gifts. I’m trying to do all hand make Christmas gifts this year and this would be perfect for both of them.
    God Bless,

  10. Laura, I am so excited to have found your website via Pinterest this morning!!!! I have a family of 5 so this will help my budget tremendously. I’ve already made the Goody Mix, YAY! I need help though, I could not find the Brownie Bliss Mix up page on your site? Also, is there a basic recipe for Blondies on the site as well, I could not find it? Once again I am so blessed by your website! I will share with all my friends and family pronto 🙂 My email is mamarosa4jesus@hotmail.com if needed. Thank you so much
    Rosemarie Hilton

  11. Thank you very much. I’ve sent you an email. Enjoy!

  12. Could you please help me as I have tried to register for your site & I annot seem to get it to work. I love the grammas garden square & I would so love to have it. I spend alot of my time sick in bed with serious medical issues. I love to crochet to
    pass the time. Please help so I can get some of your lovely patterns.
    thank you kindly
    Nora Pasko

  13. Carol Claburn says:

    Hi Laura: I just want to thank you for posting all the different kinds of Granny Squares that you can make. I recently came across a box of squares and yard that my mother had started to make and never finished. I searched for a youtube video and found how to crochet a Granny Square. I want to incorporate some of your squares into the through that I’m makeing as it would be a more interesting look. Are all the square patterns in crafts on your web site? Thanks again, I enjoy your web site and newsletter that you send. Carol

    • Hi Carol: How nice to find squares your mom made! All of my granny squares can be found under the crafts menu. There are ten altogether. There is also a roundup of how to join granny squares together. Please send a picture when you complete you afghan. I’d love to feature it in a post. Laura

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