Best 1 Hour Bread Recipe

This is the best and easiest bread ever.  I admit I laughed skeptically at the idea of putting all the dry ingredients together (including yeast) into the bowl first.  It was just, well…not right.  I’m from the old school of allowing the yeast, sugar and water to work together for a few minutes before adding the dry ingredients.  However, the reviews of many of the recipes I read online convinced me it was possible. The idea of homemade bread in an hour was alluring.  This was definitely Baking Outside the Box for me!

I gathered my ingredients from my pantry only to discover that I didn't have better-for-bread flour nor the ‘instant’ yeast called for in most of the recipes. (In fact all I had was Walmart  'Great Value' flour and regular yeast.)   But I crossed my fingers and forged ahead.

I admit some trepidation as I placed the first batch of it in the pans because I could see little yeast-speckles in the dough. Would it rise that way?  It rose.  Really fast.

It worked beautifully from the first time I tried it.

You can see from the picture at the top that I heeded the suggestion some people made that the loaf may need to be slashed just prior to baking to keep it from rising quickly and cracking in the oven.  I haven’t done this since to regular loaves and they turn out beautifully.

Over time I have played with the amounts of all the ingredients until the dough came out as Goldilocks said, ‘Just right.’ 

It slices well for toast and sandwiches.  It has a lovely, fine texture that is lightly chewy.  It also makes a great cinnamon bread as well as Artisan bread.  Next time I make this I’m making rolls out of it.  I’ll let you know how it turns out! --Laura

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8 thoughts on “Best 1 Hour Bread Recipe

  1. Hi Laura. Thanks for this bread recipe. Like you, I was also used to making ingredients sit for a while and work their magic. This however changed with bread machine baking. But whatever it is that we can do quickly is good right? I’ll be trying this :)

  2. Blair Spence says:

    I’m SO excited to try this! I have never made bread before (that’s embarrassing, I know) and it has always seemed kind of intimidating. Plus I’m never organized enough to allocated a load of time to it. I’ll let you know how it goes :)

  3. I finally managed to log in, but cant find the recipe for one hour bread!

  4. I tried this bread recipe and it turned out great !! I did a couple of things different because I don’t have a really good mixer but I do have a bread machine. So in went everything with the yeast ( I only had regular) on the top and let it rip on the dough cycle. Added a little more water as needed, so as to not put too much stress on the machine because it was more flour than called for in bread machine recipes. Then followed the recipe to the end and out of the oven came 2 beautiful loaves with , of course, a fresh warm slice getting covered with butter and devoured before the aroma had left the kitchen. Still have one in the freezer . Will be making it again some time very, very soon. Thanks, Martha

  5. […] I confess when my mom told me about this I didn’t believe her!  Good One hour bread in under an hour?  Impossible!  But then I had some that she had made and I was convinced!  My mom’s written up a great article on her experiences with this recipe and you can get the recipe on her site here – on […]

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