Cabbage Steaks Recipe Grilled or Baked

Grilled or baked, this cabbage steaks recipe is a delicious twist for cabbageI have rediscovered cabbage as a veggie in this Cabbage Steak recipe.

I mean, I've had cabbage know, coleslaw or with potatoes and corned beef on St. Patties .


The Cabbage Steaks recipe has vaulted cabbage into a whole new food realm for me. (Not that one should 'sling the slaw'. Ahem.)dressing_cabbage

 It was so easy.  I sliced the cabbage into 1 inch wide 'steaks'.  I brushed the cabbage with some vinegar and oil dressing and then roasted it in the oven or grilled it on the grill.  It is delicious both ways.


These 'steaks' were tasty, satisfying and filling.  I've often found it tough to truly enjoy a vegan meal, but this was just great.  I served it with tomato slices and brown rice on the side.  I made it as one of the meals on the Dr OZ detox my husband and I were doing.    It is super simple.  See it here.  (We are doing the Dr OZ thing once in the month now until convention season is over. It's too hard to diet on a business trip. 🙁 )

cabbage sqrwtrmk

So did I mention that these were good?  The zippy dressing  along with the salt and the caramelized edges of the cabbage leaves combined into something at once sophisticated and yet simple.  I would be willing to serve it to company.  (Oooh, with the Sanpete Marinated Chicken it would be awesome good.)  Enjoy!  Laura

baked cabbage

PS  Tracy and I are appearing at Gen Con in Indianapolis this week.  If you are at the Con please drop by and say hi!  Don't be surprised if I am sneaking in a bit of crochet on my Lost Granny Squares Afghan. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Cabbage Steaks Recipe Grilled or Baked

  1. Thanks for the great and easy grilled cabbage recipe! We have a farm share (not to mention I’m working on the farm for this summer), so I need cabbage recipes! I was looking for a simple one to make in a hurry, without having had to purchase special ingredients, and this fits the bill! Looking forward to devouring it tonight!

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